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This Font Will Help You Remember Study Notes, According To Science

I mean, I’ll try anything.

A font designed by psychologists and typography experts could be the answer to your study struggles.

Sans Forgetica, a “fundamentally different” type-face, was revealed on Thursday by Melbourne’s RMIT University.

Lecturer of typography at RMIT Stephen Banham said the font was unique, as its formulation demonstrated a “clear application of theory into practice”.

Sans Forgetica was created after considering principles of design and psychological theory.

To create it, researchers considered “desirable difficulty”, which is when an obstruction is added to a learning task that requires someone to put in extra effort – but not too much. Consider it a desirable amount of strain.

It’s this desirable difficulty which leads to better memory retention.

So, how does that apply to font?

Well, often people will glance over something they’re reading, and that’s partly because of the font.

Senior marketing lecturer at RMIT Janneke Blijlevens said Sans Forgetica differs to other fonts because it lies “at a sweet spot where just enough obstruction has been added” to create memory retention.

By subverting much of the design theory associated with typography readers will dwell longer on words typed in Sans Forgetica, leading to a deeper understanding.

By Brad Esposito

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