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Little Dog Uses Her Big Brother To Do EVERYTHING

“She’s used him as transportation around the house, a napping spot, a stepping stool, and even to get high enough to jump over a gate.”

Bella is an incredibly energetic 2-year-old dog, who loves going on adventures and getting into mischief. She’s a very small dog, though, and can’t always reach or jump over things in order to wreak a little havoc — and so she’s found the perfect partner in crime to help out when she needs a boost.

Bella is a tiny 2-year-old dog who is constantly looking for adventures, but some are too big for her

Luckily, she has the perfect sidekick to give her a boost

Hank is 10 years old, and he’s Bella’s best friend in the entire universe

“She entertains herself but loves to mess with Hank while doing so,” says Bella’s mom Adriana Burkhart

“They’re both cuddle bugs”

Twitter couldn’t get enough of the pups antics

 He lives with Bella’s grandparents, but the pair still get to see each other pretty much every day, and are inseparable whenever they’re together.

“They absolutely love each other,” Adriana Burkhart, Bella’s mom, told The Dodo. “Bella lives with me and Hank stays at my parents, but whenever I bring her home they both go crazy when they see each other. They’re both cuddle bugs so they sleep together a lot and Bella will chase him around and try and play tug of war with his tail sometimes. He’s so much bigger than her that he just sits down and she stops.”

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