20+ Awkward Public Notices That Can Shake Up Any Boring Day

Public notices are perhaps one of the things you don’t expect to find funny. However, oftentimes, they might hide a pinch of humor that can add a note of fun to your day. Just take a look at classic British announcements in public transportation, a safety sign above the road, and many other hilarious pics in this article.

We have roamed around our hometowns and the Internet and found 20+ public notices and signs that have a touch of sarcasm.

1. Ah, that classic British railway service!

© Melondoge / reddit


2. Safety is adorable.

© SpittingCake / reddit


3. That’s right!

© PrincessDonaire / reddit


4. Thank you for setting this straight

© J-J-1 / reddit


5. Smoking is bad, even for fish.

© Jaco756d / reddit


6. “I don’t want to go to that area anymore.”

© Tearishh / reddit


7. Where the rules of grammar rule.

© eondagreat738 / reddit


8. Thanks for your care!

© J-J-1 / reddit


9. In case you wanted to transport a horse in the elevator…

© TIMB0B-4 / reddit


10. Don’t place blame unless you have evidence.

© 0hmm / reddit


11. “Run, Forrest, run!”

© milantje-the-gamer / reddit



12. Think twice before you take a ride.

13. Experience means a lot.

© Flamegator / reddit


14. Just in case!

© 3id83ja3 / imgur


15. “This sign at a local park”

© KuronFury / reddit


16. “This sign in my local grocery store warning that lemonade stands are illegal in Minnesota”

© bschn100 / reddit


17. A sign in a bathroom

© Momriguez / reddit


18. “This historic sign in my hotel explains how to use electricity in case you’ve never used it before.”

© jcepiano / reddit


19. “Don’t even know which one is funnier.”


20. “I think I changed my mind about getting married.”

© Import / reddit


21. Are smoking cats allowed?

© cantosp / reddit


22. Running out of time…

© ottawa7 / reddit


23. “This guy leaves encouraging notes for himself around the house for motivation.”

© BartKing / reddit



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